Insurance in your pocket

Mobile Emergency Kit

Auto accidents can be a terrifying experience. Mobile Agent provides step-by-step guidance through the information gathering process to ensure that no critical information or evidence is missed. The app easily documents every detail with pictures, witness statements, and picture documentation to create a comprehensive accident report.

When things happen unexpectedly, you will want to have everything recorded as much as you can for future reference and for additional protection, especially in the case of auto related accidents.

Perfect for new drivers, loved ones or just anyone involved in an accident.

Document Management

Smartphone Access

Easily and securely store documents on your cell phone so you will have instant access when you need them the most.

Quickly Locate Documents

Electronic versions of policies, ID cards, contracts are in your pocket at all times!

Find more options, faster

Researching insurance can be time consuming. Get quotes and signed documents delivered in seconds all through Mobile Agent!

You can have access to electronic versions of you're policies and ID cards.

Inventory Management

Easy, Quick & Secure – Clients can create & update home inventories in minutes… Click and capture the contents and the value of their personal property on their smartphones.

If you need to establish new insurance coverage, file a claim or update estate/tax information then Mobile Agent has a quick, easy, secure way of managing your property.

Peace-of-mind in your pocket!